Material World Data, Accounting & Sustainability Reporting

Material World Data, Accounting & Sustainability Reporting

Material World Data, Accounting & Sustainability Reporting

Dr Matthew Smith Chief Product Officer at Agrimetrics following 12 years as a scientist and architect at Microsoft, Mark Line a Director of Challenge Sustainability, which provides consultancy services to international companies on sustainability strategy, reporting and communications and Kristian Ronn, Co-Founder & CEO of Normative who help companies assess their social and environmental impact b…

Integrated Reporting: Components and Principles

An integrated report should include eight content elements, which parallel the items of the integrated reporting process. There are also seven principles that are the guiding principles for preparing an integrated report.

FAQ 004979 | I get a message saying that my material does not meet the requirements of the cu…

Question: I get a message saying that my material does not meet the requirements of the current standard. How can I correct it?

Generally, you can create and use your own materials.
However, when entering data into the material library, you should ensure that they can also be used in the add-on modules. The specific weight has an impact on the design and on the formulas available there.

If you set the specific weight to 0 when creating a user-defined material, this material cannot be designed in the add-on module.

The specific weight of the material created should be adjusted in the material library, for example, for lightweight concrete only. If you do not want to consider the specific weight and thus the dead load as loads, you can set this to 0 in the “Edit Material” dialog box.

For more information, go to the FAQ page:

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One Minute: Why are water-based products the best choice for environmental sustainability?

Read the Opinion Article to learn more:

In the field of restoration and maintenance of buildings, we often have several types of products to choose from. In the present day, cost efficiency and environmental sustainability are important, water-based products are the most suitable choice.

Examining the impact of the global economic downturn on Africa

In the first quarter of the year, Africa started off strong, securing over $1.2Bn in funding through 227 deals, the highest ever in a single quarter. However, as the year progressed, the economic downturn affected the VC ecosystem, resulting in a gradual decline in funding and the number of deals.

Despite this, Africa showed resilience in the face of adversity, bucking the trend of decline seen in its peer emerging markets by recording a year-on-year incline (5%) in the total number of deals. The year started on a very different note for Africa, with the first two months seeing an increase in both funding and deals, but March turned out to be the lowest funding month since February 2021. Nevertheless, deals have not seen this level since pre-pandemic times.

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