Temenos, Taurus join forces to bolster digital asset access for banks

Temenos, Taurus join forces to bolster digital asset access for banks

Swiss banking technology firm Temenos has partnered with digital asset platform Taurus to integrate the latter’s digital asset infrastructure into Temenos’ platform.

Maveric Expertise & Certification to Manage Temenos

Our Temenos (TLC) certified functional and technical experts help banks reinvent the way they develop and deploy banking products. We specialize in four Temenos products to drive more value for your business and make the process more efficient. Learn more about our expertise here: https://bit.ly/3wG2w4K
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Neptune Digital Assets Corp. (TSXV: NDA) – 2022 TSX Venture 50

Neptune Digital Assets is one of the first publicly-traded blockchain companies in Canada and is a cryptocurrency and blockchain infrastructure leader with operations across the digital asset ecosystem including Bitcoin mining, proof-of-stake mining, blockchain nodes, decentralized finance (DeFi), and other associated blockchain technologies.

The 2022 Venture 50 is a ranking of top performers on TSX Venture Exchange over the last year. The ranking comprises 10 companies from each of the five industry sectors, selected based on three equally weighted criteria: market capitalization growth, share price appreciation and trading volume.

For the full 2022 Venture 50 ranking, methodology and profile videos of companies included in the ranking, visit: www.tsx.com/venture50

TLC Online Demo

Temenos Infinity & Temenos Transact

Introducing our next-generation, cloud-native and cloud-agnostic products, Temenos Infinity and Temenos T24 Transact. Our new cloud-native, cloud-agnostic, digital front-office and core banking products offering unprecedented scalability, agility and the resilience required to deliver innovative products and experiences fast at a significantly lower TCO. Deployed together, in an embedded end-to-end stack or independently with any third party system, the barriers to adopting modern, packaged technology are gone. Only Temenos has the winning combination.

HSBC Australia signs new deal with Identitii

HSBC Australia signs new deal with Identitii

HSBC Australia has signed a new license with Identitii, a blockchain and tokenisation platform that supplies data needed to process, reconcile, and report on payments.

Existing HSBC Customers – Activate your Online Security Device and set up a PIN

A short step by step guide showing you how to activate your new HSBC Online Security Device and set up a PIN for the first time. For more information, visit: www.hsbc.com.au/osd

Code white declared across Adelaide hospitals | 7NEWS

The state government is facing fresh criticism that it is more focused on party events like LIV Golf and Gather Round than the state of the health system.

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Why Argentina´s 100% Inflation Rate is our Future! [WEF & De-Dollarization]

If we think inflation is already bad in countries like the US, Great Britain, Australia, or the EU, then we haven’t seen anything yet. In this video, I would like to delve into Argentina, where the inflation rate has skyrocketed to a whopping 104%. What are the effects of this on the economy, political policies, and the people? How can they even cope? What has led to this inflation? What were the government decisions that created this mess, and are they any different from what politicians decide here in the West? What can we learn from this, and how can we ensure that we don’t lose everything?

HSBC BANK REVIEW: Why I am leaving HSBC in 2020

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In today’s video, I’m going to explain to you why HSBC and I are breaking up. So if you watch my last video, I described banking with HSBC, like dating the divorce say, and although there were many positives to dating a divorcee like HSPC, eventually I really saw their true colors. So I’m going to get into all of the reasons why me and HSBC are breaking up. So if you are curious, the four reasons why HSBC and I are breaking up and how you can avoid making the same mistakes in your personal banking, then I would watch until the end of this video. Now let’s get into the first reason why HSBC and I are breaking up so late dating any older man. Typically they are very controlling and HSBC was not any different. And if you guys have ever watched girls next door you’ll know that the girls had a really hard time getting out of the mansion whenever they wanted.

That’s basically how I felt with HSBC. Once I put my money in there, it was so hard to move it and I’ll get into the reason later why I decided to move it. But let’s say you wanted to shift some funds here or there, or just even log into your account. You had to press a button on a mobile app that barely exists to get a six digit code and then put it in a computer and then somehow find which window to log in at. So, yeah, basically I had no access to my money in my high yield savings account, and I really felt like I was being pigeonholed in being able to access my money. Okay. Reason number two. So basically HSBC cut me off. I know like a lot of sugar daddies will do this every now and then, and I’m pretty sure they decided to cut me off.

So I got an email earlier this month as if the pandemic and all the writing, wasn’t already hard enough and HSBC. Let me know that my new AP, why for my high yield savings account was going to get down to 1.01. I know 1.01. How can I actually live on that as if my unemployment and my pandemic relief is not already enough. Now I’m only getting 1.01 back on my savings account at out. So that was basically reason. Number two, why decided reason? Number one, that I needed to move my money around HSBC. Like all divorcees are pretty impossible to get out of that control hole. Okay. Reason number three. And I say this in my last video, but the interface of HSBC on their mobile app and their website is so outdated that I can’t get past it. It’s like when you’re dating a really old guy and you’re trying to convince yourself that they’re still really hot.

Like, you know, they’re like that one actor that everyone’s in love with George Clooney. Well, HSBC, you’re not George Clooney and I’m sorry, I just can’t keep looking at your interface every day. Okay. Reason number four is politics. So earlier this month you probably have been keeping up with the news and you know that China and Hong Kong and America are not really getting along so long story short, the CCP Chinese communist party and Hong Kong are not getting along. They’re basically saying that whatever terms they had made previously are no longer going to be valid. Now HSBC decided to take China’s side, which was a little shocking because HSBC is actually originated in Hong Kong. So with that being said, I really can’t stand by a bank that supports CCP. So with that, I’m going to decide that HSBC and I are breaking up, but what’s next for me?

You ask, well, like every basic girl in 2020, I’m going to crawl back to my old ex-boyfriend Marcus by Goldman Sachs because every girl likes going back to an F boy and Marcus is still keeping my APY quite high. So I think I’m going to go back to him. But if you guys have any tips on better banks, that I can get a high return on my savings account because that emergency fund is going to run out eventually the definitely comment below. And if you already watched this far and you haven’t subscribed, go ahead and hit that link below and subscribe to this channel. So you’re notified in the next video where I show you how we’re actually going to shift that money from HSPC to another bank. I love you my coins, and I hope you stand up for yourselves and never seen a bad relationship. Bye.

Fligoo said to close $40m in its funding round

Fligoo said to close $40m in its funding round

Data and analytics platform for banks Fligoo has reportedly secured $40m in a funding round that will help it enter Brazil.

How to Create a Startup Pitch Deck (For Your Series A Funding Round)

How to create a startup pitch deck for your Series A funding round |

When you’re building out your pitch deck for your Series A funding round, there are going to be a lot of things that carry over from your Seed Round – such as your messaging and your ICP’s problem and solution. But, there are 3 key slides you’ll need to add to your Series A pitch deck that are wildly different from your Seed Round pitch deck. In this episode, I’m walking you through those 3 slides and how to create a startup pitch deck for your Series A round.



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How to Raise Your Series A — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EFbsOsVQP-c

12-Slide Investor Pitch Deck — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7kskIHej4IM



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The myths of follow-on investing debunked

The top of follow-on investing has SO MANY myths on both the founder side as well as the investor side.

This video sets out to debunk them – things like:

As an investor…
…should you allocate part of your fund for follow on?
…should you always follow on?

As a startup…
…is it bad signaling in an investor doesn’t follow on?
…should you take money from investors who do / don’t follow on?

Your Fundraising Legals: Get Investor Ready (with Anthony Rose, SeedLegals)

Few founders have properly considered what happens once they’ve created their fundraising assets. Once they decide they’re raising equity investment they plough full steam ahead into creating their pitch without even considering what comes next.

With the excitement of having nailed your pitch, it’s easy to jump straight into seeking investors and signing up to pitch events. However, in order to complete an investment round, you’re going to need to have a range of legal documents in place.

In this event, Anthony Rose, Founder of SeedLegals, covered everything founders need to know about the legal side of their funding campaign, from creating a founder agreement to securing their first investor.

• Getting your cap table right
• Allocating shares to team members
• What size option pool to create
• Deciding valuation and how much to raise
• Getting SEIS/EIS Advance Assurance
• Raising ahead of a round, and rolling close rounds
• The right options scheme for your team

Anthony is a technical and product visionary whose career has included 3D graphics, P2P music, internet video, social TV and online communities.
In 2016 Anthony co-founded SeedLegals, a revolutionary new LegalTech platform that lets startups and investors complete the legals needed to build, grow and fund their business, at a fraction of the cost of using a law firm. In 2015 Anthony founded 6Tribes, a world of communities based on shared interests. 6Tribes was acquired less than a year later.

Previously, Anthony co-founded Beamly, a social and content network for television, which was acquired by Coty in 2015. Known as “The man behind BBC iPlayer”, Anthony ran the iPlayer and other BBC services from 2007 to 2010, taking the iPlayer from pre-launch to major success story.

Anthony’s patent portfolio includes patents for distributed online rewards, content discovery and interactive television.

Robot Mascot is the UK’s leading pitch agency. They create investment materials that convince investors including business plans, financial forecasts and pitch decks. Their clients are 30x more likely to raise investment, which is why they are the trusted pitch partner to Crowdcube, Seedrs, SeedLegals and Swoop Funding.

FinTech start-up Bitpanda now valued at $4.1 billion after new funding round

Bitpanda co-founders and co-CEOs Eric Demuth and Paul Klanschek join CNBC’s ‘Squawk on the Street’ to discuss the fintech platform’s latest funding round, which puts the startup at a $4.1 billion valuation. For access to live and exclusive video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO: https://cnb.cx/2NGeIvi

Bitpanda, a European cryptocurrency trading platform, has raised $263 million in a fresh round of funding valuing the company at $4.1 billion.

That’s more than three times the $1.2 billion Bitpanda was worth in its last private financing round five months ago. The latest cash injection brings the company’s total raised to nearly $500 million.

The investment was led by Valar Ventures, the venture capital firm co-founded by U.S. tech billionaire Peter Thiel. It’s the third time Valar has backed Bitpanda since its first major funding round, announced in September.

“I don’t like to do fundraising,” Eric Demuth, Bitpanda’s CEO and co-founder, told CNBC. “It’s very time-consuming.”

“When you have partners you have a close connection with, and they have deep pockets, you don’t have to do the whole roadshow,” Demuth said. Valar “wanted to double down and we wanted to stay with them,” he added. “It was quite an easy process.”

British billionaire hedge fund manager Alan Howard and REDO Ventures also invested in Bitpanda’s latest round, along with existing investors LeadBlock Partners and Jump Capital.

What is Bitpanda?

Founded in 2014, Bitpanda is a Vienna-based brokerage firm that lets people buy and sell cryptocurrencies and precious metals. The company also began testing a service this year that lets users trade stocks around the clock.

“By the end of the year, I think you’ll have a really good offering for stocks,” Demuth said.

Bitpanda is one of many online brokers in Europe attracting growing interest from investors, thanks in part to the “meme stock” trading frenzy. Retail traders piled into unloved stocks like GameStop and AMC, taking inspiration from a popular Reddit forum. That boosted trading volumes at digital platforms such as Robinhood.

Bitpanda’s competitors include Revolut, Trade Republic and eToro.

One way the company hopes to differentiate from rivals is by licensing its technology to banks and fintech companies. It declined to name any clients but said several big firms were already implementing the system and will be able offer crypto and stock trading in a matter of months.

Bitpanda makes its money from the spread between what someone is willing to pay for an asset and the price at which that asset is sold. The start-up has been profitable for five years, Demuth said.

Profitability is a rarity in fintech, with many venture-backed companies in the space racking up heavy losses. Revolut, which was last valued at $33 billion, lost £167.8 million ($232.3 million) in 2020, up 57% from a year earlier.

Demuth said a number of fintech companies are raising money at lofty valuations out of “hype” and a “fear of missing out.”

“I’m very skeptical about this,” he said. “Many companies, especially in the fintech area, are purely based on a combination of hype and growth. But the growth is mostly paid, so you have a product that is for free and you are simply buying your customers.”

Bitpanda didn’t provide a breakdown of how much money it makes each year, but said revenues were on track to rise sevenfold in 2021. The platform now has more than 3 million users.

The firm only operates in Europe, with offices in Vienna, Berlin, London, Paris, Barcelona, Milan and Krakow. It plans to use the money to expand in key markets like France, Spain, Italy and Portugal.

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