TowerIQ collects $2m in seed funding led by Hyperplane

TowerIQ collects $2m in seed funding led by Hyperplane

TowerIQ, a data and insight platform for the insurance industry, has collected $2m in seed funding.

Scalable Server for Hyperscale Datacenters | QuantaGrid D52B-1U

Power up your datacenters with QCT’s QuantaGrid D52B-1U server, built to deliver the ultimate compute and storage density.

Based on the latest Intel Xeon Scalable processor, this server boasts upgrades to previous platforms like faster socket interconnect, expanded memory bandwidth, improved peak performance, and up to 4 times higher virtualized throughput. With 5 PCIe expansion slots in a 1U chassis and a variety of I/O options, this computing powerhouse delivers breakthrough performance.

Highly flexible and scalable for hyperconverged datacenters, QuantaGrid D52B-1U comes in 3 standard storage configurations for your needs: 3.5 inch SSD Hybrid, 2.5 inch Tiered and the industry’s first 12 SATA/NVME All Flash, tailored for diversified software-defined workloads.

As one of QCT’s next generation of server platforms, the QuantaGrid D52B comes with advanced design features that significantly improve operability. Sophisticated thermal engineering results in an efficient, stable cooling subsystem that minimizes power consumption. Maintenance is hassle-free, thanks to a unique no-screw hardware design that allows the tool-less exchange of components. Deploy and monitor the system with ease, with the intuitive QSM datacenter management console.

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The Vast Amount of Sensor in Just a Smart Building Will Be Astronomical | The QTS Experience

In the early 90’s Coca-Cola began placing devices in their vending machines to better manage them through data. Who new it was the dawn of the Machine-to-Machine era, now called the Internet of Things. Since then, the entire planet has joined the party, but at what risk? One of the perceived greatest values to our homes and businesses is also one of our greatest risks. The NSA says that Cybercrime will be the greatest transfer of wealth in history! Steve Brumer, an IoT Expert with BH Group, joins David McCall as they discuss this and more on The QTS Experience.

About Our Guest
BH IoT Group is a Wireless & IoT Consulting Practice. Our team of experts helps companies navigate the constantly changing environment of the Internet of Things. We build Go-to-Market strategies, educate and enable our clients to be successful within IoT to ensure their success in SMB, mid-market and enterprise environments.


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Jason Lemkin: WTF is Going On in VC? Are LPs Investing in New Funds? | 20VC #965

The question is: “are VCs still investing?”. Today we are joined by Jason Lemkin; one of the OGs of SaaS of the last decade. As the Founder of SaaStr, he has inspired more SaaS founders than one can imagine building “The World’s Largest Community for Business Software.” Jason also invests out of the $100M SaaStr Fund and in the past Jason has led rounds into TalkDesk, Pipedrive, Algolia, Gorgias, Salesloft, and many more incredible companies. Prior to founding SaaStr, Jason was the Co-Founder of Echosign, an early e-signature business, funded by Emergence Capital and that was acquired by Adobe for $100M.



0:00 Intro
0:36 Where are the companies?
2:07 What has changed with early-stage investing?
3:46 Where should early stage founders focus their efforts?
7:40 SaaS Buying Patterns
11:30 How are marketing spends being impacted?
13:21 Marketing Advice for Startups
16:55 How To Do Target Setting
18:20 Biggest Mistakes Founders Are Making
24:34 Investing in Public Markets
27:41 Company Mark Downs
30:07 Will employees stay or leave?
32:57 Do you meet the full team before investing?
35:24 The Power of the Mature Founder
38:50 What happens to LP markets?
43:13 Do you know your winners early?
45:26 Are LPs re-uping?
55:59 What have you changed your mind about in the last 24 months?


In Today’s Episode on “Are VCs’ Still Investing” We Discuss:

1. What Does it Take To Get Funded Today:


How has what VCs want in early-stage investments changed in this new environment?
Should startups prioritize growth? Profitability? Capital efficiency?
How long a runway is sufficient enough for founders to feel comfortable?
Why does Jason believe most founders are still deluded that they are fundable?

Growth Stage Companies:

Is the growth stage totally dead?
What will we see happen to all the companies that raised $50M+ at large valuations that have very little revenue?
Why does Jason believe that any operator who joined a $BN company in the past few years will not make any money on their equity? What should they do now?
Will we start to see down rounds and structured rounds at the growth stage? If so, when?

Public Markets:

Why does Jason believe this is a time unlike any he has seen before?
Are we in full recession now in Jason’s mind? In Dec 2023, will this be better or worse?
Which are the most under-priced assets in the public markets today?
Why does Jason believe VCs investing in public markets are losers?

2. Micro Funds Will Be Decimated and LP Behaviour in 2023

Why does Jason believe that micro-funds in 2023 will be decimated and unable to raise new funds?
How will the majority of LPs approach new fund investments?
How will LPs approach re-investing in their existing managers? How has what they need to see changed?

3. Marketing and Sales: We Need To Change Budgets and Targets

How should CEOS be changing their marketing budgets in 2023?
What are the single biggest mistakes CEOs are making in this downturn with regard to their marketing budget?
How do sales targets need to be amended in the face of changing buying patterns?
How do the best sales and marketing leaders respond to these changing budgets and targets? How do the worst respond?


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Democratizing Investing and Building a Two-Sided Marketplace, with Ryan Feit of SeedInvest

Ryan Feit is the CEO and Co-Founder of SeedInvest (, a leading equity crowdfunding platform that provides individual investors with access to vetted startup investment opportunities. To date they have over 600,000 investors on their platform, through which founders have raised over $350M. SeedInvest sold to Circle in 2019.

Prior to founding SeedInvest, Ryan worked at Wellspring Capital Management and Lehman Brothers in New York City where he invested in, financed, and managed dozens of private and public businesses. Ryan was instrumental in the passage of the 2012 JOBS Act, which changed 80-year-old U.S. securities laws to make it possible for entrepreneurs to raise capital over the Internet.

Since then, Ryan has served as a focal point of the budding Equity Crowdfunding industry, co-founding the Crowdfunding Professional Association and serving as a board member of the Crowdfund Intermediary Regulatory Advocates. He also worked closely with members of the SEC, FINRA, the White House, and the Treasury Department on the implementation of the JOBS Act. In addition, he frequently serves as a subject matter expert on startup investing and the JOBS Act for the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, CNBC, FoxBusiness, the Economist and the New York Times as well as a columnist for Fortune Magazine and Inc. Magazine.

Ryan received an MBA in Entrepreneurial Management from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and a BBA in Finance and Accounting from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Topics Covered by Ryan Feit in this Episode:

-SeedInvest in a nutshell
-How Ryan got into the digitization and democratization of investing
-Getting the Entrepreneur Access to Capital Act approved
-The challenges of building a two-sided marketplace
-Getting SeedInvest off the ground and why they started with onboarding investors
-How they scaled the platform
-Shifting from onboarding investors to focusing on onboarding great companies
-Risk mitigation and how they vet companies for SeedInvest
-Their semi-automated diligence process
-Following up with and supporting companies who don’t qualify for the platform
-Tracking investors
-Supercharging their business with more resources by selling to Circle
-Their decision-making process and Ryan’s advice around acquisition
-SeedInvest’s big ambitions and Ryan’s thoughts on the future of investing

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How identity verification is the foundation for fintech `s future

How identity verification is the foundation for fintech `s future

How identity verification is the foundation for fintech's future

Michael Ramsbacker, Chief Product Officer, Trulioo joins FinextraTV at Money20/20 in Las Vegas, discussing how identity verification is fast becoming the foundation of the future of digital banking. Ramsbacker divulges how organizations should think about identity verification considering increasingly stricter regulations, how crypto exchanges can manage shifting compliance and regulatory requirem…

What is the future of biometric identity?

In the second session of our OneHub Insider Conversation series, Colin Illes together with Gur Geva, founder of iiDENTIFii and Jonathan Lamb, Standard Bank’s Platform Business Lead discuss the future of biometric identity and how we’re enabling clients to achieve their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) ambitions through the remote biometric identity authentication solution, iiDENTIFii.

Event – Decentralized Identity for Payments

Greg Lukianoff: Free speech gives us richness, complexity, nuance, and awe

FIRE President Greg Lukianoff closes the 2023 FIRE Gala in New York City with a tribute to the true free speech believers: “The people who do not like the arrogance of power, people who do not like the idea that someone who thinks they’re smarter than us is going to tell us what to say or what to think.”

“When someone claims to speak for the people, you should say to them, ‘Why don’t you let the people speak for themselves?'”

Cutting-Edge Identity Verification Is Transforming Financial Services

Now, with e-wallets, cryptocurrency, payment platforms, and other fintech disruptors, that baseline motivation remains while a higher calling for safety and convenience has emerged. Our identities are the key to this equation, securing and personalizing how we lend, move, and access money.

This event is an expert discussion about cutting-edge identity verification in the financial services industry — from technology trends to cybersecurity and compliance demands along with areas for unexpected collaborations in service of a trusted monetary ecosystem.

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Cutting-Edge Identity Verification Is Transforming Financial Services