Immuta closes its Series D round on $90m

Immuta closes its Series D round on $90m

Immuta, which enables teams to control access to cloud data, has closed its Series D round on $90m to further its position in the market and capitalising on the rising demand for its services.

NFTs Explained in 60 Seconds

Let’s talk NFTs, aka non-fungible tokens. These unique digital assets often take the form of virtual art. Think: a tweet from Jack Dorsey and Disney characters like Elsa or Wall-E. It’s like a new take on collectibles. Still don’t get it? Watch us break it down for you.

“The Great Data Migration” and Cloud Data Security: Matt Carroll Keynote

Immuta CEO, Matt Carroll, kicks off the All Access Tour in New York City with a captivating keynote describing about Data Security and the Modern Data Stack.

Matt details “The Great Data Migration” and forces driving enterprises towards the modern data stack, the 3 core pillars of cloud data security, and how data security has forged a symbiotic relationship between the CDO, CISO, and CIO.

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What is Immuta? Immuta’s Second Act in 2022

What is Immuta? Everything is about connecting to data. We are the market leader in universal cloud data access control, with scale in our DNA. Empower both data and security teams to manage data policies. Start scaling data security across your modern data stack. Learn more at

About Immuta: Our 2021 Year in Review

From raising $90 million in Series D funding to increasing revenue more than 100%, 2021 was a pivotal year for Immuta. Learn more about Immuta and watch the highlights for yourself in this video. Need more? Visit us here: